Castle of Dance is a professional dance school with its own studio in Amsterdam (with the location Zeeburgedijk 19A) that stands for a fun learning process with creative exercises to help improve your dance skills


Kizomba Lessons

One Level

Access to 4 kizomba lessons per month.
50.00per Month

Three Levels

Access to 12 kizomba lessons per month.Only available with a couple ticket.
90.00per Month

Upcoming Workshops

Mirty Lady Technique


by Queen Mirty.



It's more than just the steps in the dance.

It's all about the technique behind the dance.

Want to learn the secrets of Mirty? Come and join us.


Price: 7,50€

Dress code: Black & White 

Time: 19:00 to 20:05

House Rules

Things to remember at Castle Of Dance

Before any sign up for a level above beginner, you need to have a level check (for the beginner lessons, you need to sign up online and show up for your lessons).

All students can catch only one missed lesson per course (the caught lesson needs to be done on the same season).

For all the students who would like to attempt a level higher, you will need to do a level check (the teacher will decide if you can go to a level higher or not).

Every disrespect attitude toward another student or the teacher will have consequences.

Due to the COVID situation during all classes wearing a mask is compulsory.

We do not refund any tickets. We postponed them (exception for extraordinary situations).