Castle of Dance is a professional dance school with its own studio in Amsterdam (with the location Zeeburgedijk 19A) that stands for a fun learning process with creative exercises to help improve your dance skills


Kizomba Lessons

Due to the new RIVM guidelines, we regret to say that we have to close our Dance School for 5 weeks. 

This is effective until the government's new COVID update on 19 January 2021. 

We will give you more information as soon as we know what we are allowed to do. 

Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon.  

House Rules

Things to remember at Castle Of Dance


Current RIVM guidelines are followed.
During all classes the following measures are compulsory:

- Please do not come to class if you are not feeling well or have any of the COVID-19 symptoms.
- Masks must be worn during class covering your mouth and nose.
- Masks must be worn covering your mouth and nose upon entering the building as well as in all general areas (hallway, toilets, changing area).
- Please bring your own mask.
- Please ensure of proper hygiene prior to coming to class. Please bring a dance/sweat towel and an additional shirt to change prior/during class.
- Wash your hands before coming to class, upon entering and exiting, as well as during class. Hands must be washed repeatedly during class. Hand sanitizers are provided by Castle of Dance or you may bring your own.
- The maximum capacity of students during class is 30 people.
- Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to class and leave the building as soon as possible after class.
- Team members keep monitoring the situation closely, we want Castle of Dance to be a safe and relaxed environment. We ask all students to please keep following the RIVM rules as well.
- “Health and safety first, take care of each other and keep dancing.”


Level check
Before you sign up for a course level higher than Beginners, a level check is mandatory. Beginners level students do not need a level check, you can just sign up for a course.


Try outs
Try outs can be signed up for at any point in time for the Beginners lesson. The try out ticket fee is €15 and can be purchased via the ticket shop on our website.
If students decide to enroll in the full course after the try out, the €15 try out cost will be credited towards the full course fee.


Missed lesson
All students can only catch up one missed lesson per course. The catch-up lesson must be followed within the same season.


Level up
Students who would like to attempt a higher course level will need to do a level check. The dance teacher will decide if the higher course level can be achieved or not.


Tickets refunds are not possible. You may request a one-time postponement of your ticket.


Respectful behavior towards all students and teachers is expected.
Disrespectful behavior towards another student or teacher will have consequences.